The following courses are given in Ukrainian: “Modern medicines” (for Bachelor students), “Methodology of organic synthesis (aka Advanced organic chemistry”), “Modern chemistry of natural compounds”, “Synthesis of sp3-enriched cyclic systems”, “Medicinal chemistry”, “Drug discovery”, “Statistical and combinatorial methods in chemistry” (for Master students), “Principles of fine organic synthesis”, “Novel aspects of organic and medicinal chemistry”, “Organic chemistry for Ph.D. students” (for Ph.D. students). One textbook and four tutorials were published (see the “Books” section).

Below, playlists with lectures and seminars from the author’s Youtube channel are provided; the whole courses in Ukrainian are freely accessible. In addition to the above courses, “Organic chemistry” seminars, “NMR for Chemistry Olympiads”, and a number of invited lections are available (some in English), including “Asymmetric synthesis” by Prof. Dr. Sergey Ryabukhin.

Medicinal chemistry

Medicinal chemistry – lectures

Modern medicines – lectures

Drugs approved by FDA – 2022

Drugs approved by FDA – 2021

Advanced Organic Chemistry (Methodology)

Methodology of organic synthesis – lectures

Total syntheses – seminars

Organic Chemistry

Organic chemistry – seminars and colloquia

Organic chemistry – student talks


NMR for Chemistry Olympiads

Asymmetric synthesis by Prof. S. V. Ryabukhin

Miscellaneous invited lectures (20222023)