Welcome to my personal page!

I am Prof. Dr. Oleksandr Grygorenko, Head of the Organic Chemistry Department at the Chemical Faculty, Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv, and Consulting Scientist at Enamine. The page showcases my activities between teaching and research, academia and industry. Thus, my research focuses between organic chemistry and drug discovery (with a growing interest in other scientific areas). As a head of the small Scientific Support Department at Enamine, I collaborate with many research groups within the company, academic institutions in Kyїv, and internationally. My teaching activities revolve around medicinal and advanced organic chemistry.

I am a huge fan of prog rock/metal and related music genres, including projects/bands like Ayreon (and other projects by Arjen Anthony Lucassen), Seventh Wonder, Ancient Bards, Haken, Riverside, OsturaDream Theater, and many others.